Underwater Foot Jets
Underwater Foot Jets
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At Futura Spas, it's the performance that matters. If the jet pump power is not balanced with the jet count, you can have too many jets and not enough pressure to deliver the effective relief you desire. Bigger is not always better! An oversized motor can result in back pressure on the pump causing premature failure.

By matching the balance in each and every Futura Spa model, whether there are only a few jets or over 100, the performance is soothing and rewarding; something you will look forward to each day.

The fluid dynamic design of Futura Spas hot tubs takes into account every aspect of hot water therapy; from the suctions where the water is introduced into the system, to the friction created by the plumbing fittings and the ultimate discharge of hot water from pulsating jets on tired muscles!

Powering our spas are 56 Frame Ultra High-Flow pumps. Specially built to our design, these pumps move more water with less energy than the competition.

400 series jet
High powered directional massage is provided by the 400 series large jet.
500 series jet
Loungers and bucket seats offer swirling, pulsating action from the seven nozzle 500 series gatling jet.
200 series jet
The 200 series euro jets offer powerful, adjustable pinpoint action to relieve neck and back strain.
300 series jet
The 300 series mini jet is a single port hydrojet for powerful massage.