Foam Insulation™

Thermoservice insulation on spa

Futura Spa's newly redesigned ThermoService Insulation™ is a unique system that minimizes heat loss and maximizes energy efficiency. Unlike foam-filled units which hide manufacturing defects and make servicing expensive, the sophisticated engineering of our ThermoService™ system keeps the spa lightweight and economical to own and operate.

ThermoService Insulation™ starts with the use of a strong fiberglass, non-filled resin backing. Once the spa is plumbed and water tested for leaks, the plumbing is shrink wrapped with plastic creating a dead air space between the shell and insulation. Dead air is one of the most effective forms of insulation known to man. Next, the plastic is sprayed with a high density foam insulation adding R-value to the spa.

Each and every Futura spa unit is made with quality and efficiency in mind. With Futura Spas' ThermoService Insulation™ design, service is accomplished by simply removing any of the side panels and cutting a slit in the foam insulation. Once maintenance is completed, the area is resealed with spray foam. Your spa remains strong and insulated.

Servicing the opposing foam-filled units can be a nightmare. If your spa leaks, finding the leak is a huge expense as service technicians are forced to dig through the foam to uncover the source. This leaves you with a spa that has no foam, therefore no thermal retention or shell strength; only a big service bill.